Guidance from Silver Birch

Guidance from Silver Birch
You can buy a paperback version of this book at ‘Spiritual Truth Foundation’.

Guidance from Silver Birch
Edited by Anne Dooley

A former Fleet Street journalist, Anne Dooley later became a reporter at “Psychic News”, first “meeting” Silver Birch in 1963.

Amongst subjects in this complication are healing, spirit communication, love, service, and the problems of suffering and communication within the spirit world.



Chapter 1. Silver Birch and his medium
Chapter 2. Who Are You?
Chapter 3. Serving your apprenticeship
Chapter 4. Problem of Suffering
Chapter 5. The Fog of matter
Chapter 6. Problems of Communication
Chapter 7. The Joy of service
Chapter 8. Healing and the life force
Chapter 9. Love is undying
Chapter 10. What is the spirit?
Chapter 11. Your questions answered
Chapter 12. Postscript
Chapter 13. When a guide prays

You can buy a paperback version of Guidance from Silver Birch at Spiritual Truth

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