Lift Up Your Hearts

Silver Birch - Lift up your Hearts
You can buy a paperback version of ‘Lift up your hearts’ at ‘Spiritual Truth Foundation’.

Lift Up Your Hearts
Compiled by Tony Ortzen

This carefully chosen selection of teachings comprises the guide’s wise words over a twenty-year period. Animals, a spirit view of death, mediumship and karma are just four of the many subjects explained.
Features a verbatim account of when Doris Stokes and Doris Collins, two of Britain’s most famous mediums, were addressed by Silver Birch.



‘Life is sacred’
‘Blind faith is foolish’
‘Be not weary’
‘The soul cannot die’
‘The vista is dazzling’
‘You are never deserted’
‘Gold of the spirit’
‘If it bears fruit’
‘Gird up your loins’
‘Let the power flow’

You can buy a paperback version of ‘Lift Up Your Hearts’ at Spiritual Truth

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