Philosophy of Silver Birch

Philosophy of Silver Birch
You can buy a paperback version of this book at ‘Spiritual Truth Foundation’.

Philosophy of Silver Birch
Edited by Stella Storm

A former secretary to Maurice Barbanell and then chief reporter at “Psychic News”, Stella Storm covers such issues as natural law, lessons of bereavement, the responsibility of mediumship and “Healing, the greatest gift of all.”

Silver Birch also tells what he would say to a television audience. This popular book has been reprinted many times.


Silver Birch by Sylvia Barbanell

1 Why did Silver Birch return?
2 The result of his mission
3 The all-pervading power of the spirit
4 The Inescapable natural law
5 Lessons of bereavement
6 The responsibility of mediumship
7 Hearing, the greatest gift of all
8 Religion – As seen by Silver Birch
9 If Silver birch appeared on television
10 Youth questions Silver Birch
11 Aspects of animal survival
12 Outside the circle
13 Silver Birch sums up
14 Selected Silver Birch sayings

You can buy a paperback version of this book at Spiritual Truth Foundation.

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