The Spirit Speaks

You can buy a paperback version of ‘The Spirit Speaks’ at ‘Spiritual Truth Foundation’.

The Spirit Speaks
Compiled by Tony Ortzen

An abridged amalgamation not only of ‘Silver Birch Speaks Again’ and ‘Anthology of Silver Birch’ but also important teachings that originally appeared in ‘Psychic News’.

Amongst highlights is a word-for-word report of a meeting between Silver Birch and film star Merle Oberon, who was devastated when her fiance was killed in a plane crash.



1 ‘Souls are being touched’
2 ‘When knowledge reigns’
3 ‘The light and the shade’
4 ‘Love is the key’
5 ‘There is no judgement’
6 ‘Knowledge dispels fear’
7 ‘To master eternal truths’
8 ‘The riddle of life’

You can buy a paperback version of this book at Spiritual Truth Foundation.

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